Elin Berge

Awakening is an intimate documentation of a loosely compound, leaderless, and separatist spiritual awakening movement taking shape. Elin Berge has taken part in different kinds of spiritual women’s circles in Sweden, to capture its people and rituals from the inside.

The women that she photographs believe in the return of “the original Goddess”, a divine feminine essence that is calling women from inside their own bodies. This global movement believes that the awakened divine feminine is going to make women rise all over the world to lead humanity into a new paradigm with a sustainable future and a peaceful, balanced world.
Photographs and recorded sound shows women giving into their spirituality in rituals, seeking comfort with each other in sisterhood and making efforts to own their bodies and sexualities. The work opens up to a dialogue about religion and belief in secular Sweden and our specific approach to individualism and independence. Furthermore, it deals with questions on gender equality and the sisterhood rising all over the world at the moment, most recently the #metoo movement on social media.